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MIL Spec & Switchboard Meters, Analog & Digital Indicators
Ruggedized, Edgewise, Mil M 10304, Mil M 16034, Mil M 23167, Mil V 23151, Mil W 19088, etc.

Our company offers Ruggedized, MIL Spec & Switchboard Meters & Analog & Digital Indicators, such as Mil M 10304, Mil M 16034, Mil M 23167, Mil V 23151, Mil W 19088, etc.

Over the years we have developed a reputation of providing unsurpassed level of customer service for the Navy supply systems, new construction out-fitting, fleet modernization programs and the Department of Defense.

Ruggedized Meters are ideal for use:

  • In field communication or test equipment where severe environmental conditions are encountered
  • In industrial applications where moisture, extreme temperature or vibration may be a problem

Please see below some of the products we offer:

Phaostron - Mil-Spec Ruggedized Meters
MMC Metrology Lab - Ruggedized Panel Meters
Weksler Instruments
A & M Instruments -
Ruggedized Meters, Switchboard Meters
Yokogawa Switchboard Meters
Technology Research Corp - Power Control and Monitoring Devices

If you need assistance in determining your requirements, our technical staff has the experience and know how to help you obtain the "right" instrument the "first" time. We can also provide factory  accredited calibration services for all the Mil-Spec instruments.

Mil-Spec Ruggedized Meters and Edgewise Meters

Mil-M-10304, Mil-M-16034, Mil-M-23167, Mil-V-23151, Mil-W-19088

     AC/DC Voltage Meter
     AC/DC Current Meter
     Frequency Meter
     Temp Meter
     Power  Meter
     Power Factor

For Sales, Service, Custom Meters & Instruments, as well as Replacement Parts
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We can be your One Stop Supplier for MIL-SPEC meters, commercial meters, switchboard meters and panel meters for all your analog or digital indicator requirements!

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