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Custom Harnesses

We manufacture a wide range of custom wire harnesses, for electromechanical, communications and RF/Video applications, including:

        Electrical wire harnesses.
       Electro-mechanical wire harnesses
       Medical Equipment Cables
       Power Supply Harnesses
       Electromechanical Wire Harnesses
       Industrial Wiring Harnesses
       Custom Video Cables
      Alarm / Surveillance and Security Wire Harnesses
       Flat-Ribbon Cables
      Passive component-to-wire applications.
       Switch-to-wire applications.
       Automotive Wiring Harnesses
       Custom Spec Cables & Harnesses

We manufacture wire assemblies for the widest variety of customer products. Our cable harnesses consist  of various types and  sizes of wire, solder and crimp type terminals and pins, along with various electrical components specified by our customer.

Custom Wire Harness

Our many years of experience in designing and manufacturing complex wire harness assemblies makes it possible for us to bring  to bear extensive  engineering and manufacturing capabilities on each and every one of our customer projects.

USB Cables 

Power Cable Harness 

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