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Panel Meters - Analog Panel Meters, Digital Panel Meters
Yokogawa Instruments, Yokogawa Panel Meters, Edgewise Panel Meters, Arga Controls, etc.

Analog Control Modules

For control and monitoring of portable generator power and equipment shelter systems. These units monitor and control AC power on the basis of one or more of the following parameters:


Edgewise Panel Meters 
The edgewise family of panel meter products were designed to handle applications where panel space is at a premium. Both the 185 and 280 edgewise series meters may be mounted horizontally or vertically and meet ANSI C39.1. The Yokogawa line of edgewise meters are accurate to within 2% of full scale in DC and 3% for AC and come in a variety of sizes and electrical ratings.

      Yokogawa Meters, Yokogawa Instruments
     800 Plus Series Digital Panel Meters and Counter
     Analog Switchboard Meters
     Yokogawa Digital Multimeters
     Yokogawa Digital Power Series
     Y Series / AB40 Hour Meters
     Pressure Gauges & Bimetal Thermometers
     Power Transducers
     Insulation Testers / Earth Testers
     Yokogawa Instrument Transformers
     IPPAT Lite
     Hybrid Meter
     Yokogawa Digital Luxmeters
     DC Precision Measuring Instruments
     Clamp-on Testers
     Power Monitors
     HART Calibrator & Communicator
     Loop Indicators
     Yokogawa Digital Switchboard Meters
     Yokogawa Analog Panel Meters
     Elapsed Time Meters

Arga Controls
Measurement and Control Instrumentation - Commercial Industrial Utility Government

For Sales, Service, Custom Meters & Instruments, as well as Replacement Parts
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